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      Chairman's speech:

      Reviewing the development process of guangdong huibang property comprehensive service co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as huibang), every wonderful transformation of our company is full of long-term care and support of our customers and partners, and constant encouragement and encouragement of industry experts. We do not dare to relax, will be grateful into the forward momentum, with the growing strength to return the friendship. From the hard work of the initial stage to the indomitable leap of the growth period, huibang company has become a number of customers trust comprehensive services limited. Under the inspiration of the ideal and aspiration, huibang people keep converging and expanding, develop and innovate, serve first and go forward hand in hand. This is not only a platform for entrepreneurs to ignite their passion and fly their dreams, but also a splendid stage for people with lofty aspirations to fulfill their responsibilities, fulfill their mission and realize the value of life.

      Huibang people always believe that the value of enterprises and individuals is not only about how many assets they have today, but also about the intangible social value they can create while continuously creating economic value. Let more people experience the joy of success and feel the beauty of the society, so as to improve the happiness in the society. This is the unswerving pursuit of huibang people.

      Quotations from the chairman:

      Huibang's vision, mission and values, as the power of mindfulness, have always encouraged us to move forward and made many people believe in huibang. For this reason, we Thanksgiving heart, Thanksgiving has been supporting our customers have always been huibang love and choice; Thank our partners and huibang mutual benefit and mutual assistance; We are grateful to our employees who are willing to devote their youth and wisdom here. In this era of opportunities and challenges, we will pay more attention to customer needs, constantly improve organizational effectiveness, promote innovation and change, strengthen the construction of enterprise culture, and achieve self-innovation.

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