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    1. 團隊建設


      We should undertake and carry forward huibang's excellent culture and sacred responsibility, bear in mind huibang's vision, keep in mind huibang's mission, abide by huibang's core values, and maintain the vitality of huibang's culture forever. The spirit of ownership makes it clear that we should have the sense of ownership, goals and actions of partners. We also encourage huibang people to work together to create harmony, happiness, integrity, benevolence and win-win coexistence to promote the development dream of partnership mechanism.

      We should never forget our original intention. With the core values of "integrity and commitment, attentiveness, fear of customers, respect for employees, and win-win coexistence", we should exert our strength with a positive heart, seek for internal improvement with a backward attitude, focus on the development goals of the company, give play to our own value, dedicate our wisdom and courage, forge ahead with unity to form a team and realize our dreams.

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