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    1. 惠邦產業

      Huibang industry

      • Huibang oil service

        Huibang through hand...
      • Huibang property

        Huibang to property ...
      • Huibang catering

        In the development p...
      • Huibang trade

        Huibang's trading bus...
      • Labor protection

        Huibang has become a...
      • Ecological agriculture

        Huibang and jieyang ...
      • Landscape engineering

        Huibang subsidiary ho...
      Domestic business distribution
      Total: 34 canteens, 14 supermarkets, service number: 2,000
      Foreign business distribution
      Huibang's overseas business is rapidly expanding in countries along the One Belt And One Road, with Malaysia as the starting point, and in countries and regions where major global oil and gas centres are located.
      Some domestic operational projects
      At present, the property service area is over 10 million square meters, 34 catering projects, 14 supermarkets, greening projects, pipeline projects, annual output value of 310 million.
      With the agricultural base of jieyang city having reached the cooperation of more than 1500 mu, the scale of the cooperation base will be planned to reach 10,000 mu in the next five years. The ecological agriculture circulation mode of "planting, raising, adding and marketing" will be adopted to create the organic vegetable base and the base self-supporting feed breeding industry.
      Huizhou central kitchen is expected to start production in October. Annual output can reach 70 million; Relying on the central kitchen, we will deepen the industrial chain and plan to have 100 chain stores within five years.
      At present, it has become a domestic agent of more than 20 well-known international and domestic brands, and has its own brand and product development, production and sales team. For cnooc, the annual output is estimated to be 80 million.
      Some overseas operational projects
      Has helped China oil service company to win the bidding of international oil company's overseas projects; In the future more oilfield services brokerage business is expanding. The company is investing in the international advanced logging tool company, is entering the international oil company supplier database, and has reached the strategic cooperation with the international oil service company.
      Starting from Malaysia, huibang restaurant is set up along One Belt And One Road country to solve the pain point of overseas Chinese, especially the lack of brand Chinese restaurants in Middle East and Africa. Provide catering service for Chinese enterprises overseas land and sea projects. Let the expatriate staff eat delicious Chinese food.
      The use of Malay products rich, and belonging to the islamic state. Exports of Malaysian food and other specialties to countries such as the Middle East and Africa, certified by local islamic associations.
      Brokerage business, product agency, China - enterprise club, international high-end human resources services.



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