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    1. 分公司




      mandatory administration

      joint venture

      In business

      leasing management

      The company takes "providing security and quality, creating emotion and value" as its mission, and develops mutually beneficial and win-win cooperative relations with partners in a variety of cooperation ways, sharing the wisdom of huibang and seeking common development strategy of huibang!



      Now key partners are: cnooc, petrochina, sinopec, 3 m, dupont, interstate China group, mindray, Malaysia's state oil company of science and technology, wuhan institute of textile, constant real pipeline, Anton oil, oil of petro-king, yudean group, honeywell, dyer tower, AnEnEr, mai la, huaxin, star, golden oak, and business groups such as cotton.
      Through years of exploration and deep cultivation, huibang has gained more and more partners' love and choice in development. We are working together for mutual benefit and win-win results. At the same time, we have poured energy and impetus into the development and growth of huibang. The past successful experience will, as always inspire us on "focus on customers, focus on brand" - ting storage potential, should pay more attention to customer needs, the demand of cooperation, improve organizational effectiveness, promote innovation, strengthen the construction of enterprise culture to realize self innovation, in-depth cooperation with partners in a broader domain, will cooperation to a new higher level.
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