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    1. The leaders of Huibang company went deep into the grass-roots research and held a symposium with the majority of grass-roots employees

      Issuing time:2020-06-17 17:17:00

      Recently, accompanied by Zheng Jinhua, deputy director of operation, Guo Liang, vice president of Huibang company, went to Shenzhen Shekou CNOOC restaurant and South headquarters restaurant to carry out research, deeply understand the project service rectification, employee health, employee safety production and team stability, and widely listen to the opinions of grass-roots units and employees, It gives clear answers to the practical problems raised by grass-roots employees in their work and life.

      In view of the recent decline in the service quality of Shekou CNOOC restaurant, President Guo investigated with project director Li Jinwei, chef Zhao Junci, chef Wang Yongchao and other responsible persons to understand the causes and current situation of the incident and discuss solutions. President Guo said that the company would properly handle and arrange the incident, sum up experience, avoid the recurrence of such incidents, and eliminate the doubts and disharmonious factors of the majority of employees. At the same time, President Guo also paid close attention to the project food safety, employees' physical and mental health, employees' safety awareness and other related work. At the meeting, the service foreman Zhang Ying fed back that the aisle of block B on the 5th floor was relatively slippery and an anti-skid notice board needed to be placed. President Guo immediately arranged the property manager fan Yadong to assist in rectification.

      In the future, the company will adhere to the "people-oriented" management system and strengthen the care for grass-roots employees. We will further timely find and deal with emerging problems, take preventive measures at the source, create better working and living conditions for grass-roots employees, and unify the vision of employees with the development plan of the company.

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