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    1. A cultural theme restaurant opened in the East!

      Issuing time:2018-09-24 17:18:00

      Oriental cultural theme restaurantg



      When it comes to food

      That's what everybody does.


      I always want a place

      Beautiful scenery

      Delicious food

      Romantic Dates

      A decent banquet


      Today is now!

      Here he comes! Here he comes!

      He has everything you want~

      Oriental cultural theme restaurant

      Preparations for a two-month trial operation,

      Nowadays, heavy upgrade and grand opening!

      Food, date, dinner, banquet

      One stop, please!


      We're in business~


      Delicate Oriental decoration makes your eyes bright. Home-tohome service makes you feel more comfortable. There are fivestar chefs serving you delicious dishes. Come to our shop and have a taste!


      Wake up the lion to welcome the guests




      The appearance of the naive lion attracted the attention of a large number of people, who stopped to enjoy the performance one after another~

      Golden Pig Cutting Ceremony


      Cutting golden pigs is one of the most important performances. Golden pigs imply wealth and fortune. Cutting golden pigs represents wealth and fortune!

      Coming like clouds

      With the end of the opening ceremony, guests can't wait to enter the store to enjoy delicious food from China. In a few moments, the store is full of guests, and there are queues outside the store. It's really good wine, good food and good taste. Guests like clouds, business is booming. ~What are you waiting for before the screen? Come to the shop and have a try!


      The oriental cultural theme restaurant does not add MSG's healthy dishes to the United States, bringing you a full range of exquisite dining experience. Adhering to the superior management concept of "tasting China and sincere service" of Chinese cuisine, we refine the traditional essence of Chinese traditionaldelicacies and create innovative fusion of highquality dishes, continuing our rich experience in food materials, production, hygiene, service and management, and using excellent food materials and exquisite craftsmanship supplied by all parts of China without adding monosodium glutamate. Highlighting the original characteristics of cooking materials, creating excellent fragrance, shape and cultivation, to deduce quality creative Chinese food for customers.

      We look forward to your visit.~

      新店地址:吉隆坡陸佑路85號 Viva商城底層 LG-03 & LG-03A( LG-03 & LG-03A, Lower Ground Floor Viva Home Kuala Lumpur , 85 Jalan Loke Yew   55200 Kuala Lumpur)


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